CoreHC™ Ganged Interconnect System

CoreHC™ is a high-performance multi-port interconnect system targeted for high-density boards where space is limited. Available in 2.5 mm and 4.0 mm spacing pitch, it offers reduced trace lengths and higher signal integrity compared to boards using traditional SMA and Precision RF-type connectors. On average, there is 4x higher available bandwidth for signals in the same real estate as SMA connectors.

CarlisleIT’s unique compression force design results in easy and rapid connectivity of high-frequency signals on the board. The 2.5 mm solution is designed for demanding bandwidths up to 65 GHz. Standard products are available in single and dual row 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 16-channel configurations. Since there are configurations using single or multiple channels, board size can be optimized accordingly.

Vertical Mount

The vertical mount attachment solution eliminates the board-side connector or interposer by offering a direct connection of signals between the traces and pads on the PCB footprint and the compression pins on the cable assembly.

Edge Mount

A board-side interposer is required for an edge-mount-type solution. Optimized footprints and layouts are available upon request.

Right-Angle Mount

With a maximum connector height of only 9.08 mm, right-angle CoreHC cable assemblies are very useful in transmitting and receiving high-frequency signals up to 65 GHz to and from low-profile-height printed circuit boards to analyzers and other sub-systems. Similar to edge-mount and vertical-mount configurations, the right-angle CoreHC solution is offered with 3.5 mm, 2.92 mm, 2.40 mm, or 1.85 mm precision RF connectors on the cable side, depending on the required frequency of operation. The right-angle CoreHC solution is available in 2-, 4, 6-, 8-, and 16-channel configurations.

CoreHC products are available from these approved distributors:



CoreHC Edge Mount

Precision RF Connectors on 0.078" or 0.105" (Outer Shield) Coax Cable
65 GHz (1.85 mm) • 50 GHz (2.4 mm) • 40 GHz (2.92 mm) • 26 GHz (SMA)
Custom cable assemblies available upon request.

Features & Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
DC to 65 GHz frequency range Supports a variety of current and emerging applications, reducing overall cost
Board footprint compatibility Can be used with Coplanar Wave Guide (CPW) and strip line PCB traces
Multiple board-to-board solutions 8 mm to 20 mm stack-up height in 2 mm increments to meet certain height restrictions
One-piece interface for vertical-mount type Saves time and reduces costs because no soldering to the board is required; only PEM nuts are used for installation and removal
Zero force to disengage Eliminates damage to PCB solder joints and footprints
10,000 mate/demate cycles High signal integrity in a long-life package provides high performance and lower cost of ownership
Smaller overall footprint size 2.5 mm pitch to access signals in dense environments and save PCB space
2 picosecond phase matching High signal integrity
2.92 mm and 1.85 mm cable-side connectors Supports frequencies up to 65 GHz
0.047" and 0.079" coax cables are available High-performance, microwave-grade, flexible coaxial cables offer high density, high frequency, and low losses
Cable length options Standard lengths offered in cm increments (custom lengths available upon request)
Edge launch/mount option Design flexibility for complex board layouts
Multiple channels Standard products available in single and dual row, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 channels (custom configurations upon request)
Multiple signal probing Probing is possible on single-ended or differential signals
Flexible cables Offers high electrical and mechanical stability
Tilt protection Shape of housings ensures high mechanical stability
Keying Eliminates mismating
No custom tooling required Interconnect mounts on board with standard tools
Solder-free installation Interposer-less design, no solder on PCB required
Field-replaceable Can be moved, reconfigured, and replaced in the field with standard tools


Mounting CoreHC


PEM nuts need to be installed on the back of the PCB to mount the CoreHC interconnect cable assembly firmly in place. We offer six types of PEM nuts for different board thickness profiles as follows:

  1. 0.062" (1.57 mm)
  2. 0.125" (3.18 mm)
  3. 0.0394" (1.00 mm)
  4. 0.093" (2.36 mm)
  5. 0.15" (3.81 mm)
  6. 0.197" (5.00 mm)

CoreHC Edge Mount

Comparing near-end crosstalk for CoreHC interconnect in strip line and CPW designs. Less than -50 dB.

CoreHC products are available from these approved distributors:


Product Information Resources

CoreHC™ product info sheet
Orderable Part Numbers / Nomenclature: Core Cables
Orderable Part Numbers / Nomenclature: Core Board Side Connectors

3D Step Files

Edge Launch Board Side Connectors


Signal Integrity Reports

Vertical Launch to Board Mount

8-channel CoreHC to 1.85 mm RF Connector - CPW
Dual-channel CoreHC to 1.85 mm RF Connector - CPW
Dual-channel CoreHC to 1.85 mm RF Connector – Stripline

CoreHC to 1.85 mm Adapter Cable Assembly Only

Single Channel 1.85 mm CoreHC Cable to 1.85 mm RF Adapter

Prints & Footprints

Vertical Mount-CPW-Single Ended-Footprint
Vertical Mount-Stripline-Single Ended-Footprint
Edge Launch 2-10 Positions Connectors
Edge Launch-CPW-Single Ended-Footprint
CoreHC Single Channel Cable Assembly
2-10 Positions CoreHC Cable Assemblies

Product Categories

Test & Measurement Products

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace
Test & Measurement

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