Aspire 200 Installation Kit



Components P/N Description
120-29256-101   Aspire 200 Install Kit (AMT-700)
120-29256-102  Aspire 200 Install Kit (AMT-3500/3800)
120-29256-103 Aspire 200 Install Kit (LGA)
120-29256-104 Aspire 200 Install Kit (Basic)
6092-101 2 MCU S/S W/ Bottom AC Fan
200-91002-101 2 MCU S/L W/ Rear AC Fan
6092-102 2 MC S/S W/ Bottom DC Fan
200-92144-101 2 MCU S/L W/ Rear DC Fan
6064-101 2 MCU S/S (No Fan)
6051-101 2 MCU S/L (No Fan)
200-23876-101 A/B Tray Assembly, 13.97 Long, 2 MCU

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