Kroll Technologies was acquired by CarlisleIT in June 2016, expanding its capabilities in precision Swiss Machining, Micro-machining with CNC Milling Services and Electroplating for the Defense, Electronics, Aerospace, Microwave and Medical industries.

Swiss Machining

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) Pottstown is a ISO 9001:2008 registered facility providing high accuracy swiss machining for the defense, electronics, aerospace, microwave and medical industries. We operate an ultra-clean, modern CNC Swiss machinery.

Swiss-style lathes are a unique lathe configuration that is able to provide parts complete utilizing multiple spindles with extreme accuracy and at high speed. The Swiss-style lathe adds an extra element of support in close proximity to the cutting tool which minimizes cutting tool deflection and vibration making them well suited for small or slender parts.

Leveraging the efforts of our skilled technicians and the diverse capabilities of our equipment through Cellular Manufacturing, CarlisleIT is well to handle short runs, prototypes and high-volume production. We routinely machine a variety of metals including aluminum, brass, copper and copper alloys, super alloys, exotic alloys, steels, stainless steels and titanium & titanium alloys. In addition, we work with a large variety of plastics including Teflon, PPS, PEEK, Ultem 1000, Torlon, Vespel and Delrin to name a few. Given the very unique nature of machining & measuring precision plastics we have dedicated an entire manufacturing cell for that purpose.

CarlisleIT boasts a full array of CNC Swiss machine tools with up 11 axis for machining of the most complex devices in one operation. To satisfy the demands of the industries we serve our equipment is fitted with vibration dampening automatic bar loading, high pressure coolant systems, linear, circular & helical interpolation, high speed milling & super position machining. CarlisleIT employs lights-out manufacturing methods for complete efficiency and productivity.

Micro-machining and CNC Milling Services

Micro-machining is a key technology for many of the industries we serve. CarlisleIT is proud to provide micro-machining services utilizing our fleet of precision CNC Swiss Machines. Our highly skilled technicians specialize in the art of producing the highest quality, micro machined parts. Our facility houses advanced high-speed machine technology capable of turned diameters as small as .005" at high speed with the use of cutting tools in .004"-.006" range in not only metals but also plastics.

Our machinery and methods are directly tailored for the production of micro sized components. For more information about our micromachining manufacturing services or our other manufacturing capabilities, please contact us directly.

Electroplating Services

In support of our Swiss machining services, CarlisleIT offers high-quality electroplating services for the increased corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity of parts. Our developed barrel plating process imparts copper, low-stress nickel, and hard gold plating over a variety of substrates including copper based alloys and stainless steels. Our state-of-the-art plating equipment features a computer controlled process, with robotic load, unload, and transferring capabilities. Available pretreatment operations include an acid and alkaline-based cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, etching and micro-etching, as well as chemical descaling. Plating is suitable for parts sized up to 1" in diameter and 1" in length.

All plating is held to the highest industry standards, in full compliance with ASTM B-488, MIL-G-45204, QQ-N-290, and ASTM B689. Plated parts are thoroughly tested with methods including adhesion, solderability, bake, DPA, XRF, steam aging, and nitric vapor testing. Inspections including optical and scanning electron microscopy are carried out for ensured accuracy and integrity. Lead times for plating are less than 2 weeks, with JIT delivery available. For more details about our barrel electroplating services, or the other capabilities we offer, please contact us directly.

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