STC ST02626CH - ECS EZMount® Mechanical Tilt Mounting Assemblies for Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Systems Installation

Installation of ECS EZMount® Mechanical Mounting Assemblies on Lower Frames of Cockpit Sliding Windows on Airbus Select A300 Series Aircraft


  • FAA STC ST02626CH

  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) STC 03101

The STCs govern the installation of the EZMount® mechanical mounting assemblies on lower frames of cockpit sliding windows in accordance with Electronic Cable Specialists (ECS) Master Data List ECS-206919.

  • Airbus A318-111/-112/-121/-122 series aircraft

  • Airbus A319-111/-112/-113/-114/-115/-131/-132/-133 series aircraft

  • Airbus A320-111/-211/-212/-214/-231/-232/-233 series aircraft

  • Airbus A321-111/-112/-131/-211/-212/-213/-231/-232 series aircraft

Download the STC overview (PDF) here