• industrial coil cords

    Coil Cords

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is an expert in designing and manufacturing coil cords for harsh environment applications. We can custom build coil cords in a wide variety of materials tailored to meet the performance needs of...

  • A thumbnail image showing the partially stripped ends of heating cables.

    Heating Cables

    ETFE is a primary component in CarlisleIT resistance wires. A highly resilient, highly flexible flame retardant fluoropolymer with excellent impact strength, ETFE is particularly suitable for use in high stress and heating applications...

  • A thumbnail image showing two different types of Low-Noise Cable with the inner wiring structure partially exposed.

    Low-Noise Cable

    CarlisleIT's low-noise cable minimizes triboelectric noise generated by cable movement, while also providing superior shielding to protect signals from external interference.

  • A thumbnail image showing two various types of Thermocouple Cables.

    Thermocouple Cables

    A broad range of thermocouple cable types, specifically designed for accurate measurement and control in a variety of applications, particularly suitable for hazardous environments. Typical applications include connecting sensors to...

  • A thumbnail image showing three different types of Polytetrafluoroethylene tie cords.

    Tie Cords & Lacing Tapes

    Individual PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) coated strands of glass yarn braided together to provide superior strength, flex life and temperature resistance. Particularly suitable in severe environments to ease and secure installation...