An image showing a clean airplane cabin interior with In-flight entertainment systems.

IFE Data Cables

Gigabit Ethernet Cables

  • CarlisleIT’s Gigabit Ethernet series of data cables provide highly durable cables that are a perfect match for a wide variety of demanding data applications. Their small size makes them easy to install and they are flexible enough for routing in tight spaces. These industry-leading high speed Ethernet cables deliver up to 10 Gigabit performance.

Netflight® 100 Base-T Ethernet Cables

  • Netflight high performance 100 Base-T Ethernet Cables are designed for use in aircraft In-Flight Entertainment systems, including seat-to-seat.  When used as a component in more complex cable constructions (e.g., a dual quad configuration with additional components such as power wires), their superior electrical performance characteristics support the bandwidth requirements of 1000 Base-T applications.

Maxflite® HDMI to DVI Cables

  • CarlisleIT’s HDMI to DVI cables are lighter and more flexible, making them easier to install. These cables are developed for minimal insertion loss and superior protection against EMI and RFI.