• different Gigabit ethernet cables

    Gigabit Ethernet Series

    Our Gigabit Ethernet cables combine industry-leading, high-speed performance with significant size and weight advantages over comparable cables. Their durable design and exceptional electrical and mechanical performance characteristics...

  • 3 types of Netflight Cables and their inner construction

    Netflight® Cables

    Our proven NETflight® Ethernet cables in single pair, dual pair and quadrax configurations are widely used throughout the aerospace industry and provide superior electrical and mechanical performance. Netflight® high-performance 10 Base...

  • Maxflite Cable

    Maxflite™ Cables

    Our Maxflite™ series provides high speed performance for the popular video and data bus protocols: HDMI, DVI, USB, Firewire and CAN bus.

  • A thumbnail image showing two different examples of Boeing Approved Data Cables.

    Boeing Approved Data Cables

    Data cables approved to Boeing Specifications

  • A thumbnail image showing a clean, white airplane cabin interior with television monitors attached to the ceiling, for passengers.

    IFE System Cables

    CarlisleIT offers innovative data cables that are designed to reduce interference, are easy to install, and flexible enough for routing in tight spaces. Choose from a wide range of high-performance data cables that meet the demanding...

  • A thumbnail image of a type of Custom Data Cable, called a power-rotated Gigabit cable.

    Custom Data Cables

    CarlisleIT provides custom-designed cables to meet performance, safety and reliability requirements of your increasingly sophisticated aerospace and military systems. We can design a cable to meet any need.