portable coax cable stripper

Key Features

  • Cuts and strips coaxial cable in 3 seconds
  • Patented quick-change cutter heads available for all avionics coaxial cable and connector types
  • Cutter head blades last up to 15,000 strips
  • Powered by NICAD battery
  • Portable Stripper Kit comes with the following items:
    1. Hand-held driver with removable NICAD battery pack
    2. 110VAC 13-hour charger
    3. Hard-shell carrying case with storage room for two additional cutter heads and the 110VAC 13 hour Charger
    4. 1-year limited warranty

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    Product Table

    Part Part Number Product Information
    Portable Coaxial Cable Hand-Held Stripper 725 Hand-Held driver, carrying case, and 110VAC 13-hour charger
    Rapid Battery Charger/Re-conditioner 811RC
    • Rapid Charging in 107 minutes (+/-) - eliminates the need for extra battery packs
    • Full battery charge on demand
    • Recalibration Mode extends battery life - reconditions in 178 minutes (+/-)
    • Intelligent Charging - protects against overcharging
    • Eliminates crystalline memory
    • Reconditions batteries which have already developed memory
    • Keeps battery pack factory fresh and ready to use
    Spare NICAD Battery Pack 726 The model 726 Spare Battery Pack comes fully charged and ready to use. However, slight discharge may occur and battery power may decrease as a result of cold weather or lengthy storage. In such cases, it will be necessary to recharge the Spare Battery Pack for maximum power.

    Note: Cutter heads are sold separately, see Cutter Head Reference Guide for available parts.

    Cutter Head Reference Guide

    Coaxial Cable Cutter Head Applicable Connector Series
    310701 07193162 BNS002, BTS002, CNS002, CTS002, CNR002, CTR002, CCR002
    07314170 L0102
    310801 08193162 BNS022, BTS022, CHR022, CNR022, CNS022, CCR022, CCS022, CBR022,CBS022, CTR022, CTS022, L0122
    08314170 LM022, M0122
    311201, 421201 12193162 BN3122, BTS122, CSR122, CSS122, CHR122, CNR122, CNS122, CCR122,CCS122, CBR122, CBS122, CTR122, CTS122, L1122
    12314170 LM122, M1122
    311501, 311601,421601 15193162 BNS922, BTS922, CSR922, CSS922, CHR922, CNR922, CNS922, CCR922,CCS922, CBR922, CBRE922, CBRL922, CBS922, CTR922,CTRE922, CTRL922, CTS922, L9122
    15314170 LM922, M9122, P922
    311901, 3C142B, 19193162 BN3722, BTS722, BBS722, CSR722, CSS722, CHR722, CNR722, CNS722,CCR722, CCS722, CBR722, CBS722, CTR722, CTS722, L7122
    3C058A 19162447 620021
      19314170 LM722, M7122
    352001 20290061 BNS3522, BTS3522, BBS3522, CSR3522, CSS3522, CHR3522, CNR3522,CNS3522, CCR3522, CCS3522, CBR3522, CBRE3522, CBRL3522,CBS3522, CTR3522, CTRE3522, CTRL3522, L35122
    20320061 P3522
    20400071 LM3522, M35122
    432101, 532101 21250070 BNS522, BTS522, BBS522, CSR522, CSS522, CHR522, CNR522, CNS522,CCR522, CCS3522, CBR522, CBS522, CTR522, CTS522, LM522L5122, M5122
    21192962 P522