• A thumbanil image showing a BMS 13-58 wire with some coating removed to show the wire underneath.

    BMS 13-58

    SWAMP is the acronym for Severe Weather and Moisture Prone. Boeing Specification BMS 13-58 defines SWAMP wire construction.

  • A thumbnail image of a Panavia Aerospace Cable showing soime of the outer shielding stripped to reveal the cable underneath.

    Panavia Aerospace Cables

    A range of single, multi core and Thermocouple cables designed, manufactured and fully released to meet the requirements of PANAVIA.

  • A thumbnail image showing an EFGLAS Equipment cable with some shielding stripped to reveal the cable underneath.

    EFGLAS Equipment Wire & Cable

    A composite insulation of glass and PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene), EFGLAS provides extreme strength, abrasion and temperature resistance from the combination of PTFE tape and a PTFE impregnated glass yarn braid. Typical applications...