FlightGear 5v Power Cable

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies introduces theFlightGear™ series of Power Cables that provide charging capabilities of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) including the iPad® and iPad® 2. CarlisleIT’s Power Cables are cost-effective, versatile, robust, and deliver efficient charging without the need for bulky converters. This innovative solution from CarlisleIT offers an alternative for charging PEDs in the form of carry-on equipment allowing greater flexibility with installation and certification activities for faster installations and return to service.>

CarlisleIT’s Power Cables can also be designed with alternate connectors and power outputs to accommodate the charging requirements for most COTS PEDs via 28VDC aircraft power. CarlisleIT offers a full suite of engineering services capable of supporting any of your system installation and certification requirements.Click here to download the FlightGear™ 5v Power Cable Sales Sheet.

Key Features

  • Converts aircraft 28VDC power
  • Operating capabilities from 10-40VDC
  • 5V/2A output
  • Pad® charging compatible
  • Over-current/Over-voltage protection
  • Carry-on equipment
  • Custom power cables available upon request
  • In-house engineering and certification services
  • Electrical isolation between 5V output and 28VDC input
  • Conforms to DO-160G for radiated and conducted EMI