fan cooled trays


CarlisleIT has a complete engineering staff eager to solve your installation challenge. Almost anything is possible, but there are some custom design features and options that we see frequently. Many of these are on the accessories page, but here are some more:

  • Vibration isolation mounts
  • Grounding springs or studs
  • Terminal blocks or strips
  • Cooling fans and plenums
  • Air filtration features
  • Fan performance monitoring and failure detection
  • Electronic integration with connectors and cable kits pre-terminated on the tray or mount
  • Unique mechanical restraints such as pins, blocks or wedges
  • Swing bolts or cam style locks
  • High precision alignment features for inertial reference or attitude
  • Drip shields and hoods
  • Full EMI enclosures behind the connector
  • Multiple trays or mounts collected into a stacked, side by side, or other configurations

Tray Examples

Variety of Installation Trays

Clockwise from top left: SATCOM Installations Trays with Cooling & Filtration; PPI Weather Radar Display Installation Tray with Special Hold-down & Cooling System; Dual Coupler Installation Tray

More Tray Examples

Variety of Mounting Trays

Photos at top left: Front & Back view of a EICC (Essential Integrated Control Center) Mounting Tray

Photos at bottom right: HUD System Mounting Tray with Isolators; Citation X Navigation System Mounting Tray with Cooling Fan