Three images showing different stages of the development process from pencil sketch to computer rendering.

Product Design

Using creative design and efficient material specification, CarlisleIT provides a turnkey approach to creating solutions that offer flexibility for a wide range of product design and installation needs. Our dedicated professional staff takes the time necessary to research complex system specifications, source optimum components and use only high quality materials. Each design is then tailored for the individual scope and requirements of the specific application or system type.

Technical Capabilites


» Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)
» Acceptance Test Report (ATR)
» Acoustic Noise Emission Test Plan
» Acoustic Noise Emission Test Report
» Aerodynamic Analysis
» Aerodynamic Instability Analysis
» Air Leakage Test Plan
» Air Leakage Test Report
» Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) or Supplement
» Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
or Supplement
» Avionics Systems Analysis
» Beacon Light Evaluation
» Bird Strike Trajectory Analysis
» Compliance Report (FAR)
» Compliance Report (Technical Specification)
» Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
or Supplement
» Cooling Test Plan (Thermal
Stability Appraisal)
» Cooling Test Report (Thermal
Stability Appraisal)
» Damage Tolerance Assessment (DTA)
» Data List (Master or Supplemental)
» Declaration of Design Performance (DDP)
» Decompression or Overpressure
Burst Test Plan
» Decompression or Overpressure
Burst Test Report
» Differences Summary Document
» Electrical Load Analysis
» Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Immunity Testing
» Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Test Plan
» Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)
Test Report
» Engineering Order (EO)
» Environmental Test Plan
» Environmental Test Report
» Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
» Fire Penetration Test Plan
» Fire Properties Assessment or Fire
Properties Test Report
» Fire Properties Test Plan
» Flight Test Procedure

» Ground Test Procedure
» Grounding and Bonding Report
» Functional Hazard Analysis
» Heat Release Test Plan
» Icing Analysis
» Illustrated Parts List (IPL) or Supplement
» Instructions for Continued
Airworthiness (ICA)
» Instructions for Continued
Airworthiness EWIS
» Interface Connectors List
» Interface Loads Analysis
» Materials and Usage Summary
» Product Specification
» Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP)
» Qualification Test Plan (QTP)
» Qualification Test Report (QTR)
» Reliability Analysis
» Service Bulletin
» Smoke Containment Test Plan
» Smoke Containment Test Report
» Smoke Detection Test Plan
» Smoke Detection Test Report
» Static Test Plan
» Structural Comparative Analysis Report
» Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
or Supplement
» Structural Substantiation Plan
» Structural Substantiation Report
» Structural Substantiation Summary
» Sway Space Analysis
» System Safety Assessment (SSA)
» Ultimate Strength Analysis (USA)
» Ventilation Air Flow Analysis
» Ventilation Test Plan
» Ventilation Test Report
» Vibration and/or Shock Test Plan
» Vibration and/or Shock Test Report
» Weight & Balance Report
» Weight Progress Report
» Windmilling Analysis
» Windmilling Test Plan
» Windmilling Test Report
» Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM)
or Supplement


Qualification & Testing

» Custom fixtures
» Hydraulic loading
» Automated data collection

» 8,000 lb-force (35 kN) vibration test system
» Full range of vibration tests supported

» Air Flow, Distribution, Leakage and Cooling
» Acoustic Noise Generation
» Smoke Containment and Smoke Detection
» Mechanical Reliability and Endurance
» Electrical Interconnect and Signature
» Hi Pot, Insulation Resistance and Bonding