An image of a wiring/construction diagram, used to build custom components.


Offering flexible solutions tailored to the customer, we have the technologies, expertise, and infrastructure to carry out build-to-print projects with the efficiency and responsiveness that customers expect from Carlisle Interconnect Technologies. Our full-service fabrication facility is capable of manufacturing avionics support products from customer-supplied drawings with product modifications being made directly by the customer. CarlisleIT manufacturing engineers are involved as needed throughout the process to facilitate manufacturability, maximize cost-savings, and minimize waste. Finally, we incorporate a formalized program for tracking customer documents, revisions, and updates to ensure customer-authorized change control and unit-to-unit repeatability between production runs.

Build-to-print at CarlisleIT is strategically aligned to give our customers complete control over the design and product modification process.

Build-To-Print Process

» Manufacturing engineers and production personnel review customer-supplied drawings to ensure cost-effective production
» Recommended design or material modifications are submitted for customer approval prior to production
» Approved customer-supplied drawings are entered into the Customer Document Log (CDL) with all updates recorded as needed during the production process
» Final production adheres to strict in-house written procedures and approved engineering data to ensure on-time delivery

Fabrication Capabilities

» Metal Fabrication - Sheet Metal, Billet, or Bar Stock
» Harness Assembly & Test
» Mechanical Assembly & Test
» Qualification Testing
» Customization of Product for Private Label
» Industrialization for Mass Production