• A thumbnail image showing a close-up on the end of a 2.4mm connector.


    The 2.4mm connector line mainly consists of Adapters for use in microwave modules and systems.

  • A close-up thumbnail image of a BNC cable connector.


    CarlisleIT's BNC cable connectors provide superior performance up to 4 GHz.

  • A close-up image of a K connector.

    K Connectors

    CarlisleIT’s line of K connectors (also referred to as SMK) is the same as the 2.92mm connectors used heavily in microwave systems up to 40 GHz.

  • A thumbnail image showing an angled SMA connector.


    The SMA series is our most extensive product line, and includes a complete list of board mount, field replaceable, cable connector, and adapter configurations.

  • A close-up thumbnail image showing the end of an SSMA connector


    The SSMA connector was designed for board-to-board connections, and is commonly used with .085 semi-rigid cables.

  • TNC connector

    TNC Connectors

    TNC Connectors are threaded version of the more common BNC connectors that improve upon coupling retention and thus, provide a more reliable mating interface.

  • A close-up thumbnail image of a Type N Connector.

    TYPE N

    Type N (also referred to as N) connectors are one of the first RF/Microwave connectors introduced in the 1940s, for carrying microwave signals.