• a close-up image of three different sizes of multiport blocks.

    Multiport Connectors

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has added several Multiport Connectors to the standard push-on interconnect interfaces to facilitate even higher packaging density for today’s RF/Microwave systems.

  • A close-up image of both ends of an SMP connector.

    SMP Connectors

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies launched the SMP “push-on” connector product line about two decades ago to facilitate dense packaging within RF/Microwave systems. The SMP interface has enabled design engineers to increase performance...

  • A thumbnail image of the female half of an SMP-L connector with Secure-Lok.

    SMP-L™ with Secure-Lok™

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies advances the design of the traditional push-on connectors with the new line of SMP-L connectors, which add a patent pending locking mechanism referred to as Secure-Lok™ to the standard SMP interface....

  • A thumbnail image of an SSMP connector.


    The SSMP® Push-On, blind-mate system provides a Micro-Miniature interface that can be used as a smaller and lighter version of the SMP interconnect system.

  • A close-up image of the male end of a TMP connector, showing some detail.


    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ TMP® series was designed to provide a convenient blindmateable interconnect solution specifically for high power applications.

  • A close-up image of a WMP connector.


    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ WMP® series was designed to satisfy demand for increased package density and reduced weight in microwave systems.

  • A close-up image of the end of an XMP connector.


    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies introduces the XMP™ interconnect series designed to provide a convenient blindmateable solution, specifically for ultra-high power applications.