Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers a line of highly phase stable, low VSWR, precision phase shifters designed for high performance military communications (phased array antennas), and commercial applications. A precision mechanical movement provides continuously varying phase shifts, while maintaining 50 Ohm impedance over the entire frequency range. These phase shifters are available in three different configurations based on the application need. Each of them also incorporates a locking nut to ensure stability of the calibrated phase adjustment.
  • a thumbnail image showing a portion of a block style phase adjuster.

    Block Style Phase Adjusters

    Block Style Phase Adjusters provide up to 18 GHz, low insertion loss, smooth continuous phase adjustment and rugged compact housing. There is no external length change.

  • A close-up image of one end of a phase adjustable adapter.

    Phase Adjustable Adapters

    The Phase Adjustable Adapters provide up to 50 GHz, low insertion loss and smooth continuous phase adjustment. They have positive resettable locking mechanism.

  • A close-up image showing both ends of a cable style phase adjuster.

    Phase Adjustable Cable Connectors

    Cable Style Phase Adjusters provide up to 26 GHz. smooth continuous phase adjustment and positive resettable locking mechanism. Cable configurations that are available include .141, .085 and .047 OD.