HDRFI® is a patented Carlisle Interconnect Technologies connection system that transfers high frequency signals through a unique planar interface. This planar interface removes the need for typical pin and socket connections by utilizing a z-axis elastomer to provide the electrical path between the mated connectors. The elastomer is made up of silicone, impregnated with gold plated stainless steel wires and is arranged on a .035mm pitch. When compressed by the mating halves, the gold plated wires mechanically connect the two planar surfaces and creates an electrical EMI barrier to provide excellent isolation. HDRFI® is available only as an assembly in three product line offerings: D-Sub, RF Circular and custom applications. The assemblies can be used with a 26AWG coax for internal applications or 24AWG for external requirements. Consult factory for more information.

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Key Features

  • High Bandwidth
  • High Density
  • Small Form Factor
  • Center to Center spacing 0.130"
  • Eliminates Stubbing
  • Alignment of the connector is not made through the RF path
  • Can be used differentially or single ended