An image of three different styles of transient voltage suppression connectors.


Military and aerospace avionics suppliers can design electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and lightning protection into their modern equipment prior to encountering a catastrophic failure. CarlisleIT can offer this protection using less space and weight than a conventional Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) connector. Patented design for diode packaging can be used in several applications including military aircraft, commercial aircraft and helicopter environments.

CarlisleIT packages TVS protection into all of our connector product lines utilizing an embedded diode (embedded into a PCB) for space and weight savings as well as improved performance. This innovative design resembles (mechanically) a filter assembly so it can be packaged into the connector in the same proven manner and in tandem if necessary. TVS connectors are available with 600 to 2500w diodes to meet some of the highest levels of RTCA DO-160 protection, screened to J level standards and capable of meeting the environmental requirements of their specific Mil-spec’s.

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Key Features

  • Smaller Package Size
  • Higher Energy Production
  • Lighter Weight
  • Shorter Production Lead Times
  • Lower Cost