• A thumbnail image of a circular filtered TVS connector.

    Circular Filtered

    These low pass filter connectors include the most popular circuits, C, CL/LC, Pi and T, and are constructed using planar filter technology for maximum strength and high performance from low to high frequencies.

  • A close-up image of a D-sub filter connector attached to a cable cluster.

    D-Sub and Micro-D Filter Connectors

    The D-sub and Micro-d connectors are designed with machined shells for harsh environments and all the standard filtering circuits seen in the circular filter connectors. The d-subs come in standard and hi-density arrangements up to 104...

  • A thumbnail image of a EPX transient voltage suppression connector.


    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has added filtering to the Radiall modular EPX line of connectors. Expanding on the flexibility of this connector family's modular design, the filter modules replace the existing insert assemblies.

  • A close-up image of two different styles of ARINC filters.

    ARINC Filter

    CarlisleIT manufactures ARINC 404 and 600 filter connectors with QPL'd interfaces, front removable, front release size 22 contacts and modular construction. Depending on performance requirements these connectors can be designed using...

  • A thumbnail image of a Transient Voltage Suppression connector.

    TVS - Transient Voltage Suppression Connectors

    Our family of TVS connectors can be incorporated into any of our circular or rectangular product configurations and can include the filtering if required. Our unique packaging "diode in board" can handle power up to 3k watts while...