• Compact D-Sub Backshells, including 45 degree and 90 degree exit angles.

    Compact D-Sub Backshells

    CarlisleIT's light-weight series backshells are designed to minimize weight and maximize internal space and EMI shielding. Our D-sub backshells are an ideal solution for high end commercial and aviation cables where weight and/or EMI...

  • A thumbnail image of two empty EN4165 backshells.

    EN4165/BACC65 Series

    CarlisleIT's EN4165 backshells are extremely lightweight and compact. They are designed for ease of manufacturing and rework in the field.
  • A thumbnail image of a flexible backshell.

    Flexible backshells

    The Flexible Backshells are designed to have an extremely tight bending radius in a 90° configuration, while providing a high degree of stability.

  • A thumbnail image of a multi-exit angle backshell.

    Multi-Exit Angle

    Multi-Exit Angle Backshells have a unibody style that are configurable for both straight and 90° cable exits.

  • A thumbnail image of a straight exit angle backshell.

    Straight Exit Angle

    The Straight Exit Angle Backshells are extremely compact and lightweight, offering a straight cable exit. Key characteristics include:

    • Straight cable exit
    • Extremely compact and lightweight
    • Designed for ease...
  • A thumbnail image showing the top view of a universal spring latch.

    Universal Spring Latches

    CarlisleIT's Universal Spring Latches provide high stability locking in panel and inline applications.