conformable cable

Semi-Flex® coaxial cable assemblies are a tried and proven alternative to traditional Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cables. These cables provide comparable electrical performance to semi- rigid cables, while simultaneously allowing simple formation for use within RF/Microwave systems, as well as, for making external connections to other equipment. The outer conductor is comprised of a tin filled copper wire braid, which enables easy forming and re-forming by hand without the need for bending tools. With a Copper/Poly Foil inner layer along with Semi-Rigid style dielectric and center conductor, our Semi- Flex cables provide enhanced shielding and performance that exceeds traditional conformable cables.

Key Features

  • Hand-formable without the need for bending tools
  • Excellent electrical performance; comparable to semi-rigid cables
  • 100% Shielded with two metal outer conductors for reduced leakage
  • Improved flexibility and bending radius compared to semi-rigid
  • Quick and easy assembly; available in various lengths and connector options

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Semi-Flex® Cable Information

Product Cable Code Jacket Type Max. Frequency Max. Insertion Loss (dB p/ft) VSWR @ Max. Frequency Available Connectors
.047 Type Semi-Flex® 604 None* 20GHz 1.90 1.50:1 MCX, SMA, SMP, SSMP
.086 Type Semi-Flex® 600 None* 40GHz 1.92 1.38:1 MCX, TNC, Type N, BMA, SMA, K, SMP, SSMP
620 Standard** 26.5GHz 1.48 1.17:1
650 High Temp† 18GHz 1.16 1.17:1
.141 Type Semi-Flex® 601 None 26.5GHz 0.94 1.17:1 TNC, Type N, BMA, SMA
621 Standard** 26.5GHz 0.94 1.17:1
651 High Temp† 18GHz 0.73 1.17:1
.250 Type Semi-Flex® 606 None* 18GHz 0.48 1.15:! TNC, N, SMA
* Tin Filled Copper Braid Outer Conductor Only / ** Polyurethane Coating over Outer Conductor / † FEP Coating over Outer Conductor

Connector Codes

Series: MCX TNC Type N BMA SMA K (2.92mm) SMP SSMP
Max. Frequency (GHz) 6 18 18 22 26.5 40 40 60ǂ
Plug M6 30 18 R1 36 K6 G6 R6
Right Angle Plug M7 31 19 N/A 37 N/A G7 R7
Jack M8 32 20 R2 38 K8 G8 R8
Panel Jack M9 33 21 R4 39 K9 G9 R9
Bulkhead Jack M0 34 22 R3 40 K0 N/A N/A
ǂ Max Frequency of cable assembly limited by the cable operating frequency