AccuPhase® Low Loss Coaxial

AccuPhase® is a complete product family of low loss and phase stable flexible coaxial cable with frequencies up to 40GHz. All cables within the AccuPhase® family are engineered to terminate with CarlisleIT’s high performance RF connectors for optimum performance. These new solutions are designed to meet the needs of any application where performance and stability at higher frequency ranges is critical. All AccuPhase® cables are manufactured with FEP jackets.

Available in 70%, 75%, 77% and 82% VP, CarlisleIT’s AccuPhase® product line is ideal for many application requirements including Military/Aerospace and Test & Measurement. Click here to download the AccuPhase® Low Loss Flexible Cable Brochure.

Key Features

  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Phase Stable with Flexure
  • Phase Stable Over Temperature
  • Low VSWR
  • Durable
  • Designed for use with Carlisle’s High Performance Microwave Connectors
  • Frequency Range up to 40 GHz
  • Full Characterization Data Available

Product Table

Nominal Velocity of Propegation Cable P/N Frequency SMA-M P/N SMA-F P/N 2.9mm-M P/N 2.9mm-F P/N 2.4mm-M P/N 2.4mm-F P/N SMP-F P/N SSMP-F P/N Type N-M P/N TNC-M P/N
70% TLL18-1087 DC-18GHz 3369771320 3389771614 3K69771311       P657-9CC P107-2CC 3189771311  
TLL18-1141 DC-18GHz 3369761014 3389761615 201-1CC           8089-1SF 3309761913
TLL18-1250 DC-18GHz 3369759001               3189751613 90094SF
TLL26-1047 DC - 26.5 GHz 5755-10CCSF           P624-6CC P177-4CC    
TLL40-1087 DC - 40 GHz 3369771320 3389771614 3K69771311       P657-9CC P107-2CC 3189771311  
75% TLL40-1063A DC - 40 GHz 5755-1CCSF   256-1CCSF   5068-1CCSF          
77% TLL26-1190AS-19 DC - 26.5 GHz 5755-9CCSF               8209-9SF 9209-9SF
TLL40-1078A DC - 40 GHz 5755-2CCSF 5754-2CCSF     5068-2CCSF   P624-2CC      
TLL40-1111A DC - 40 GHz 5755-4CCSF 5754-4CCSF 256-4CCSF 257-4CCSF     P624-4CC      
TLL40-1130A DC - 40 GHz 5755-5CCSF 5754-5CCSF 256-5CCSF 257-5CCSF     P624-5CC      
 82% TLL26-1190B DC - 26.5 GHz 5755-7CCSF               8209-7CCSF 9209-7CCSF
TLL40-1130B DC - 40 GHz 5755-6CCSF 5754-6CCSF 256-6CCSF 257-6CCSF 5068-6CCSF 5069-6CCSF        
TLL18-1282B DC-18GHz 5755-8CCSF Coming Soon             8209-8CCSF 9209-8CCSF