• Armored WorkHorse® Assemblies

    The next generation of Armored WorkHorse® coaxial assemblies is a proven and cost effective group of test assemblies. These ruggedized test cables were specifically designed for use in high volume production environments, where...

  • Conformable

    Semi-Flex coaxial cable assemblies are hand-formable cables that allow simple high quality connections for use within RF/Microwave systems, as well as, for making external connections to other equipment.
  • CoreHC™ RF Interconnect System

    CarlisleIT's CoreHC™ connector system leads the industry by providing high signal integrity in increasingly dense applications.

  • CoreGD™ High Performance Ganged Interconnect System

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' (CarlisleIT) CoreGD™ connector system leads the industry in providing high signal integrity in increasingly dense applications.

  • Passive Probe

    CarlisleIT's Passive Probe provides an industry leading combination of high bandwidth and high voltage in a low cost, rugged, general purpose probing solution.

  • Semi-Rigid

    All semi-rigid assemblies are custom-built to meet your specifications. They are available in different diameters ranging from .047" to .250", and a wide variety of commercial, QPL, and custom connectors including our own line of high...

  • UTiFLEX® Flexible Cable Assemblies

    For any application, from high-performance flexible interconnects for microwave systems to rugged everyday test leads, CarlisleIT UTiFLEX® flexible microwave cable assemblies provide unsurpassed performance.

    All UTiFLEX...

  • Space Flight Cable Assemblies

    CarlisleIT has supplied high-reliability products for space-grade applications in orbit and beyond for over three decades. Our extensive track record in providing microwave transmission line products provides mission assurance for the...

  • Ultra-Lightweight Cable Assemblies

    For airborne applications such as UAV’s and LTA (lighter than air) craft, CarlisleIT offers a series of lightweight cable assemblies. These cables designated the “UFJ” series combine the rugged construction of our ultra-low loss...

  • Delay Lines

    CarlisleIT manufactures custom delay lines using both our flexible and semi-rigid cable product lines to operate in many environments, from cellular base stations to airborne electronic warfare systems where long-term, electrically...