grounding wire assemblies


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) engineers custom cable assembly systems that meet the most demanding of specifications, qualifies products to those specifications, and manufactures to meet uncompromising delivery schedules.

Available for both power and grounding applications, CarlisleIT has the experience and breadth of offering to solve your most challenging cable assembly concerns.


  • Cable assemblies provide a convenient and fast bolt-on solution to power and grounding cabling needs
  • Utilizing assemblies eliminates the need to purchase and maintain expensive terminal lug installation tooling and the need to train installers on crimping procedures
  • Standardizing cable assemblies facilitates design to exacting standards, pre-determined cable dressing and assurance of proper fit
  • Can be combined with other CarlisleIT products into kits that facilitate assembly on the factory floor

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CarlisleIT power and grounding cable assemblies are designed for the most demanding power and grounding aerospace applications and qualified to demanding specifications. In the sequence provided below, millivolt drop testing was performed both initially and after each test and proved negligible degradation of the cable assembly.

  1. Salt Spray, 500 hour duration
  2. Humidity/Temperature Cycling for 400 cycles, cycling from 82°C at 95% RH to 54°C
  3. Vibration in X, Y and Z axes
  4. Tensile testing following the environmental and vibration testing. As an example of a popular configuration, all #2 AWG samples exceed 500 Lbf
  5. Environmentally sealed and hydrostatically tested to 80 psi for twenty-five five minute cycles with no leaking