We offer a comprehensive range of rugged and high performance fiber optic assemblies including:

  • Fiber jumpers
  • Connectorized Assemblies
  • Highly complex breakout assemblies
  • Long length assemblies
  • Fiber harnessing on racks, trays or other structures

Fiber Optic Assembly Testing Protocols

Not only do we supply a diverse selection of fiber optic assemblies fit to meet the most extreme operating environments, we also pride ourselves in the quality of our products. We put our cables through vigorous testing before they ever leave our warehouse. We make sure our assemblies go through:

  • High definition video visual inspection with high magnification. This process includes digital capture, complete test reporting, and archiving of all termination endface quality.
  • Multi-Channel IL/RL testing at 660/850/1310/1550 nanometer wavelengths with full test results reporting
  • Advanced interferometer testing for precise endface geometry control.

For more detailed information about customizing your own fiber optic cable assemblies, don’t hesitate to contact us and view our product literature.

  • LITEflight® Assemblies

    Designed to perform in the harshest installation and operating environments such as aerospace, defense and industrial applications, CarlisleIT's fiber optic assemblies offer unmatched performance in temperature extremes with immunity to...
  • A thumbnail image of a fiber optic test and inspection kit, including the carrying case and contents within.

    Fiber Optic Test & Inspection Kits

    CarlisleIT is pleased to offer complete testing kits with CarlisleIT Fiber Optic Test Assemblies, Fiber Interface Cleaning Supplies and Test Instrumentation.