Our CMS/IFE products are designed to provide flexible cable solutions that support your specific systems and are:

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Optimized to reduce costs
  • Capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions
  • Compliant with applicable industry manufacturing standards
  • Customizable – Fully terminated and tested

Our CMS/IFE product lines are designed to provide robust flexible cable solutions that completely support high-performance digital video cable connections that are optimized to reduce overall weight and cost, withstand the harsh environmental conditions of in-flight and ground operations, comply with all applicable airworthiness requirements, and deliver reliable high-speed and high definition performance.


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' line of standard and custom data bus, power and video cable assemblies are ideal to support a wide variety of aircraft cabin management systems such as:

  • Radar and mapping
  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • In-flight entertainment equipment
  • Electronic flight bag systems.

When performance matters, CarlisleIT assemblies provide proven performance in demanding applications. For more information, contact us today or view our product brochure.

  • Two Digital video assemblies. One HDMI cable assembly and one DVI cable with a 45 degree angle backshell.

    HDMI, DVI, and Coax Digital Video Assemblies

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has developed an extensive family of specialized cable and connector products to support high-speed, high definition cabin management, multimedia, and in-flight entertainment systems.
  • Octax® High Speed Data Assemblies

    An extremely small and compact aerospace Ethernet connectivity system. An innovative, lightweight, cost-effective, high speed Ethernet interconnect solution capable of operating in data transmission speeds of 10Gb/s or higher.
  • FlightGear 5v Power Cables

    FlightGear™ 5v Power Cable

    Carlisle Interconnect Technologies introduces theFlightGear™ series of Power Cables that provide charging capabilities of Portable Electronic Devices (PEDs) including the iPad® and iPad® 2.