TNC connectors


TNC connectors cover the frequency range of DC – 11 GHz. Although TNC connectors were originally designed for Military/Defense and Space Applications, they have also become a common interface in networking products, such as routers, etc. in recent times.

There are two variations of the TNC interface as defined in the MIL-STD-348 standard – one with an air dielectric (TNCA) and the other with the more common PTFE dielectric (TNC). Since most of our connectors are designed for Space and Mil/Defense applications, they adhere to the former TNCA interface and are high performance variations of the TNC connector. In addition, our TNC connectors are constructed from stainless steel bodies for superior performance and reliability, compared to the more common Brass versions available from other vendors.

The TNC connector series includes a list of field replaceable, cable connector, and adapter configurations.