An image showing both male and female ends of the TMP connector.


  • Frequency Range: DC - 23 GHz
  • 50 Ω Impedance; Blind-mateable configuration
  • > 5000 mate & de-mate cycles
  • MIL-PRF-39012 compliant
  • Ability to withstand Radial/Axial Misalignment
  • Board-mount, Field-replaceable, Bullets, and Cable Connector configurations
  • Custom Connectors Available


The TMP® interface is comparable in size to the SMA connector, and hence offers similar power handling capability and durability albeit in a push-on configuration. As such, it is ideal for design in radar, missile and satellite systems, as well as, commercial applications.

The design of the push-on interface enables use in microwave modules and dense packages, and facilitates rapid assembly and testing. The durable construction and ability to tolerate radial and axial misalignment allows for multiple engagement/disengagement cycles without degradation in electrical performance.


Parameter Specification
Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency range DC - 23 GHz
VSWR 1.2+.005xf(GHz)
Insertion Loss .05xSqrt f (GHz)
Force to Engage 
Limited Detent 4.5 lbs typical
Smooth Bore 3.0 lbs typical
Force to Disengage 
Limited Detent 6.0 lbs typical
Smooth Bore 2.0 lbs typical
Radial Misalignment +/- .020 inches
Axial Misalignment .000 - .020 inches
Temperature range -65˚C to +125˚C
Power handling Over 200 Watts @ S Band
Environmental Meets MIL-PRF-39012 for Corrosion, Vibration Moisture resistance, thermal and mechanical shock.

Product Table

Configuration Part Number Description
Cable Connectors MP503-1CCSF TMP (female) Bulkhead for 0.047” semi-rigid cables
MP503-2CCSF TMP (female) Bulkhead for 0.086” semi-rigid cables
MP504-1CCSF TMP (male) panel mt. for Carlisle TLL26-1190B flexible cable
MP504-2CCSF TMP (male) panel mt. for 0.141” semi-rigid cables
MP505-1CCSF TMP (female) panel mt. for Carlisle TLL26-1190B flexible cable
MP505-2CCSF TMP (female) panel mt. for 0.141” semi-rigid cables
PC Board Connectors MP602-1CC TMP plug (male) Edge Mount to straight termination for 0.062” thick boards
MP703-1CC TMP plug (male) Surface Mount to right angle termination
Bullets MP541-1CC TMP (female) to TM P (female) adapter, 0.440” length
Field Replaceable Connectors MP531-1CC TMP(female) 2-hole panel mount for 0.020” pins
MP532-2CCSF TMP (male) 2-hole panel mount for 0.020” pins
Adapters MP544-1CCSF TMP (male) to SMA (female) adapter
MP543-1CC TMP (female) to SMA (female) adapter