An image showing three different sizes of straight in-series adapters.

Key Features

  • Complete family of straight & right-angle adapters
  • 50Ω Impedance
  • Low VSWR & Insertion Loss
  • Tested per MIL-STD-202


We offer a full gender family of straight and right angle adapters in different connector options, to cover applications ranging from DC–65 GHz. These adapters come standard in a passivated stainless steel body with a captivated Beryllium Copper center conductor to ensure mating repeatability. In addition, options such as gold-plated housing or non-captivated center conductor are also available to fit the desired application. All of our adapters are 100% tested to ensure optimum performance over their respective frequency range.

Product Table

Product Part No. Description Options Freq. Range Insertion Loss Max. VSWR RF Leakage *
Straight In-Series Adapters 223CCSF K/2.92mm (m) - K/2.92mm (m) adapter Gold finish available DC - 40 GHz 0.51 dB 1.08 + 0.01 x f(GHz) -90 dB
224CCSF K/2.92mm (f) - K/2.92mm (f) adapter 0.51 dB 1.10 + 0.005 x f(GHz) -(90 -f(GHz)) dB
225CCSF K/2.92mm (f) - K/2.92mm (m) adapter
V205-1CCSF V/1.85mm (f) - V/1.85mm (f) adapter Gold finish available DC - 65 GHz 0.35 dB 1.25 : 1 (max) NA
V206-1CCSF V/1.85mm (m) - V/1.85mm (m) adapter
5191CCSF SMA (f) - SMA (f) adapter Gold finish available DC - 18 GHz 0.26 dB 1.10 + 0.008 x f(GHz) -60 - f(GHz) dB
5299CCSF SMA (f) - SMA (m) adapter
5390CCSF SMA (m) - SMA (m) adapter
8036CCSF Type N (f) - Type N (m) adapter Gold finish available DC - 18 GHz 0.22 dB 1.09 + 0.008√f(GHz) -90 dB(min) at 2GHz
8037CCSF Type N (f) - Type N (f) adapter
Need P/N Type N (m) - Type N (m) adapter


In addition to our standard offering, Carlisle has also built a vast library of modified designs from the myriad of custom solutions we have delivered to our customers. We offer a variety of customized options for adapters, which include non-standard lengths, different connector options, additional testing, etc. Our team of dedicated Engineers can help develop the right solution for your application needs.