An image showing the stripped ends of two different versions of a Seamless M22759/80-/92 wire.

Key Features

  • Weight and space savings over extruded insulation
  • Exceptional resistance to scrape abrasion
  • Exceptional laser markability
  • Exceptional hydrolytic resistance
  • Exceptional electrical arc scrape abrasion track resistance
  • Exceptional layer-to-layer adhesion
  • Exceptional low outgassing characteristics


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Product Construction

Conductor Stranded nickel
Insulations and jacket PTFE/polyimide/PTFE and Seamless PTFE tape

Mechanical/Environmental Performance Table

Electrical Performance:  
Voltage 600 V
DC Resistance 1.26 to 41.3 ohms per 1000 ft
Attenuation NA
Mechanical Specifications:  
Weight/K ft 1.3 to 30.4 lbs per 1000 ft
Size 0.034 in to 0.123 in
Min. Bend Radius NA
Environmental Performance:  
Operating Temperature -55 to 150C (Tin)
  -55 to 200 C (Silver)
  -55 to 260 C (Nickel)