Three images showing close ups of various connector types for RF circular and mixed signal cable assemblies.

The RF Circular connector family is designed for high performance applications. The insert arrangements are maximized to hold more impedance controlled size 16 type RF contacts than any other circular connector on the market today. The product line consists of shell sizes 15 – 25 and are based on the D38999 specification.

RF Circular Mixed Signal connectors combine both power and high frequency RF contacts into the same connector body. The signal pins are size 20, rated to 7 amps and are combined with the HDRFI® RF contacts. The HDRFI® RF contacts are press-in style and the connectors can accommodate standard D38999 backshells and hardware. Click here to download the HDFRI® Brochure

Features & Benefits

  • High Bandwidth
  • High Density
  • Small Form Factor
  • Center to Center Spacing 0.130"
  • Eliminates Stubbing
  • Alignment of the connector is not made through the RF path
  • Can be used deferentially or single ended