An image of three MaxForm Formable Coaxial Cables, showing the inner insulation and shielding layers, as well and the outer, color-coded wrapping.

Key Features

  • Hand-formable alternative to MIL-C-17 cable
  • Cable assemblies can be made to approximate overall length and bent to fit when installing into equipment
  • Suitable for use with connectors designed for MIL-C-17 semi-rigid cable  — no change in assembly procedures required
  • High temperature performance – up to 150ºC

Product Construction

Conductor Solid SPC or SPCW
Dielectric Solid PTFE
Outer Shield Copper-tin composite
Jacket FEP or PVC (where indicated)

Mechanical/Environmental Performance Table

Impedance 50 or 75 Ohms
DC Resistance 19.5 to 29.6 pF/ft
Vp 70%
Attenuation 7.5 to 24.5 dB/100 ft @ 1.0 GHz
Operating Temperature No Jacket : 150C
  FEP: 150C
  PVC: 105C


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