Two images showing, from left to right, straight and right-angle connectors for low PIM assemblies. Right image shows an array of different connectors for the Low PIM assembly

Passive Intermodulation, also known as PIM, is the generation of unwanted signals by passive components with non-linear characteristics. These unwanted signals can effectively block desired signals or cause interference in other systems.

There are six components of connector design that must be evaluated when considering low PIM design. They are:
  • Contact design
  • Connector interface
  • Connector internal junctions
  • Cable attachment
  • Materials & plating

The prevention of PIM only starts with high performance designs and components. The most common source of PIM is created within the coaxial component terminations. Contamination-free precision assembly technique is essential for low PIM performance.CarlisleIT application and manufacturing engineers have optimized our low PIM cable and connector products and developed termination procedures for clean, tight-tolerance CarlisleIT RF assemblies that will reduce the introduction and effects of PIM into your performance driven SATCOM systems.

  • Designed primarily for use in ARINC 781 compliant SATCOM antenna systems
  • Current offerings include RF assemblies with TNC and Type N connectors in various configurations for 310701, 310801, and 311201 cable types
  • Every CarlisleIT RF cable assembly is fully tested to guarantee electrical and physical integrity, maintain high quality, ensure reliability, and comply with system requirements
  • Proven low PIM performance during temperature cycling (DO-160E Section 4 Category F2 and Section 5 Category A) and vibration testing (DO-160E Section 8 Category S Curve C )

Connector/Cable Chart

Description Fits Cable Type
Right Angle TNC Connector 311201
Straight TNC Connector 311201
Straight N Connector 311201
Bulkhead TNC Jack 311201
ARINC 600 Size 1 Pin 311201
ARINC 600 Size 1 Socket 311201
Right Angle TNC Connector 310801
Straight TNC Connector 310801
Straight TNC Connector 310701