lightweight ARINC tray


Using new fatigue resistant aluminum materials and a highly refined design CarlisleIT has developed an innovative line of lightweight ARINC 600 trays that are 20% lighter than standard trays while still meeting the rigorous performance criteria of FAR Part 25, ARINC 404A and 600, and RTCA/DO-160.

Additionally, CarlisleIT has a special line of ARINC 600 trays meeting the additional requirements of ABS1699 that are perfect for installation on any Airbus aircraft including A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380 and the new A350. ABS1699 trays come in standard MCU sizes pre-drilled for an easy fit and configured complete with side seals for direct installation into the electronics bay.

Click here to download the Lightweight ARINC Trays sales sheet.

Click here to download the ABS1699 ARINC 600 Trays sales sheet.

Click here to download the ARINC 600 Tray worksheet.

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Key Features

  • Over 20% lighter than standard ARINC 600 trays
  • Tested to the following RTCA-DO-160G criteria:
    • Robust Random Vib: Cat R, Curve B3, B4
    • High Level Short Duration Vib: Cat H, Curve R
    • Operational Shock: Terminal saw tooth, 6G
    • Crash Safety Impulse: 20G terminal saw tooth
  • Light Weight Trays can be used anywhere a standard ARINC 600 tray has been specified.
  • It can be specified individually or as part of a CarlisleIT integrated assembly.
  • Light Weight Trays can be used in any application desiring a reduction in weight.