A double image showing a complete fiber optic test kit and contents, as well as the cable assembly used for testing and inspection.

CarlisleIT will consult with our customers to build a testing kit tailored to their application, and can offer fully self-contained testing kits with Insertion Loss Test Kits, Visual Inspection Video Scopes, Optical Time-Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs), Optical Backscatter Reflectometers (OBRs) and other test devices. Click here to download the Fiber Optic Test, Inspection & Cleaning Kits Sales Sheet.

CarlisleIT produces a full line of fiber optic test assemblies that can be used to connect fiber channels (DUTs) to test equipment interfaces. Often called Aerospace Measurement Quality Jumpers (AMQJs), Gold Cables or Reference Cables CarlisleIT test assemblies are custom designed and built to interface with any device to be tested and offer very low insertion loss, precision finished connector end-faces along with durable and flexible cabling. Our test harnesses simulate interfacing equipment connections to provide the most accurate testing results and are built for precision testing in the lab, on the tarmac and anywhere in-between.

CarlisleIT can provide test equipment appropriate to quantify fiber optic harness/installation performance and provide advanced diagnostic tools for fault detection and characterization in complex installations, or in scenarios where only on end of the channel is available for test interfacing.

  • Multimode and Singlemode insertion loss meters (Bench top or handheld units) with wavelengths of 660/850/1310/1550 nanometers
  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR)
  • Backscatter Meters
  • Reflectance Meters

CarlisleIT also will help you select and provide instruments for visual inspection of connector end-faces and basic fault detection:

  • Visual LASER light sources
  • Video Scopes - Handheld or Bench Top

CarlisleIT offers a full line of Sticklers® fiber optic cleaning products for all common termini types. These easy to use products are perfect for technicians in the field or inside a factory. We can help you select the appropriate cleaning products tailored for your kit.

  • Non-aerosol cleaning fluids
  • Lint free cleaning pads
  • Fiber interface cleaning swabs
  • Sized for all standard connector/contact sizes