Two images showing custom HDRFI assemblies installed in a rack system.

HDRFI® can be customized to fit almost any application. From custom board connectors, to insert arrangements that can have a common ground plane, to having each signal path isolated from each other. Click here to download the HDFRI® Brochure


  • Carlisle Interconnects custom insert fit into any standard ARINC 600 Series Size 2 or 3 shell
  • Shell Modules A,B,D or F will accommodate up to 33 RF connectors
  • Shell Modules C or F will accommodate up to 20 RF connectors
  • All Coaxial Connections will work from DC to 40 Ghz


Carlisle Interconnect's HDRFI Mezzanine connectors are designed for high frequency board to board applications. When space is limited, Carlisle can design your mezzanine connector with different mating heights. Our mezzanine connector is designed to sandwich two circuit boards on top of each other without the need for multiple connectors. Connectors are not soldered to the boards so they can be easily removed. Since there is no pin and socket, there is no chance for bent pins.