An image of a single ARINC 404 TVS connector.


CarlisleIT ARINC 404 filter connectors feature the complete line of standard ARINC layouts and meet the applicable performance and environmental portions of the ARINC and SAE specifications. These connectors provide the key interface for rack and panel avionics equipment. As with all avionics boxes, signal integrity is paramount and filtering is a must. Due to the rack and panel mating ARINC 404 connectors are used in commercial and military aircraft, including helicopters. They are also found in in-flight instrumentation, flight simulators and radar systems. Combining power and signal contacts are common to this family.

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Design Features

  • Front release/front removable #22 contacts
  • Planar and/or Chip on Board design
  • Ferrite immobilization
  • Modualr filter backpack/standard shell construction
  • Can incorporate filtering plus Transient Voltage Suppression