ARINC 600 tray


CarlisleIT has developed a fully line of ARINC 600 trays specifically for installation on Airbus aircraft. These trays have been fully qualified as forward fit components for use on the primary avionics racks of all Airbus aircraft and CarlisleIT has been granted license to make them available to you for your retrofit needs. All trays come configured with side seals and pre-drilled mounting holes for a quick and easy drop in installation on the equipment rack of your choice.

Click here to download the ABS1699 ARINC 600 Trays sales sheet.

Click here to download the ARINC 600 Tray worksheet.

Key Features

All ABS1699 trays are available with these key features:

  • All aluminum light weight construction
  • Integrated air flow meteing plates and LRU seals
  • Pre-installed side seal to adjacent trays/structure
  • CarlisleIT advanced thumbscrew hold downs
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes specifically sized for the standard Airbus equipment shelves