Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of high reliability contacts. We maintain close to 400 QPL approvals for AS39029 contacts, far more than any other manufacturer. In addition to Mil-Std contacts, we also offer the full line of AECMA, EN, BACC, ESC, and BAN contacts. CarlsileIT also offers the full range of contact types including Crimp, Printed Circuit Tail, Thermocouple, Coaxial, Solder Cup & Wire Wrap, Twinax & Quadrax Contacts and specialized custom design.

Lightweight ARINC Trays

Using new materials and a highly refined design CarlisleIT has developed an innovative line of lightweight ARINC trays that are 20% lighter than standard trays while still meeting the rigorous performance criteria of FAR Part 25, ARINC 404A and 600, and RTCA/DO-160