St. Augustine, FL...Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' St. Augustine and Kent, WA plants recently received Gold Level Carlisle Operating System (COS) Operational Excellence Awards. The COS Operational Excellence program recognizes and rewards operations and employees that have made significant improvements to productivity levels and organization in the workplace. Excellence is measured based on safety, quality, delivery, cost and employee participation.

There are three levels of recognition - Bronze, Silver and Gold. Since the initiative's introduction to CarlisleIT's 12 manufacturing plants in 2008, three plants have reached the Bronze Level, four have reached the Silver Level, and the latest achievements mark an important milestone, as three CarlisleIT plants have now achieved Gold Level recognition.

Employees at the St. Augustine plant were rewarded and acknowledged during a recent visit from Carlisle Companies President and CEO Dave A. Roberts.  Carlisle is proud to uphold such high operational standars and thanks all of the St. Augustine employees for their hard work and dedication.