Armored Coaxial Assemblies

St. Augustine, Florida...Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) has announced the launch of the new Armored WorkHorse®, the next generation of armored coaxial assemblies. The new and improved version of CarlisleIT’s WorkHorse assembly, the Armored WorkHorse is built to withstand strenuous flexing and numerous mating cycles, making the ruggedized cable ideal for use in high volume production environments.

Armored WorkHorse assemblies are RoHS compliant and designed as suitable replacements for OEM test port cables, due to their long life and repeatable performance. Improved features include: a frequency range of DC to 18 GHz, proven “544” triple shielded and “564” double shielded cables for reduced leakage, standard crush-resistant spiral stainless steel armor, durable construction and connector attachment method, and phase stability with flexure for testing repeatability.

The WorkHorse is available in variety of standard lengths and connector configurations and can be customized based on, connectors, and cable length. For more information on the new Armored WorkHorse assemblies, please click here.