St. Augustine, Florida, July 2, 2012: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies announced the availability of two new connector lines to its push-on family – the TMP® and WMP® series, at last week’s IMS conference  held in Montreal, Canada. The TMP® family is designed to provide higher power handling capacity, similar to an SMA connector, for use in Radar and other high power RF & Microwave systems. The TMP® interface enables mode-free operation to 23 GHz, and is rated to handle above 200 Watts of power in the S-band. This makes it ideal for a myriad of high power military and defense applications.

 The WMP® product line, in contrast, is the smallest form factor connector series within the push-on family. Designed specifically for high density microwave packages where space is a premium, the WMP® bullet adapter enables a stackable PCB height of < 0.120” (or about the same thickness as two pennies stacked on top of each other). The WMP® interface is specified up to 65 GHz; however, it can support operation to 100 GHz for millimeter-wave designs. 

Both connector series provide the benefits of a push-on interface i.e. simple connection and ease of use in dense packages; and include PCB mount, Field Replaceable, Microwave Cable, and Custom connector configurations.