CoreGD CoreHC Secure-Thread Field Replaceable

CarlisleIT has set the standard for Military and Defense interconnect solutions since we were awarded our first contract to work with the Defense Department in 1944. We have been designing and implementing our products and services almost as long as there has been a need for such products in this market. As technologies advance and electronics become more and more sophisticated, it becomes even more important to create solutions that are uniquely suited for these increasingly demanding environments.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities and vertical integration allow us to deliver on time, every time without compromising the quality of any component or any solution. Additionally, our team of expert engineers can formulate and implement a total solution from conception to completion.

From radars, missiles, satellites, and forward looking infrared systems to electronic warfare and communication systems, CarlisleIT ensures the reliability of the parts that connect these systems so that our military can operate with efficiency and confidence regardless of the environment in which they are being used. After all, the sum is only as strong as its parts.