• coaxial contacts

    Coaxial Contacts

    Coaxial contacts for Mil-C-38999, ARINC or many other connector families are available from Tri-Star. Our coaxial contacts are used in critical communication systems, commercial & military satellites, telecom, as well as navigation...

  • Mil-Spec crimp contacts

    Crimp Contacts

    A Mil-Spec crimp contact - we make it! From standard crimp contacts to reduced crimp barrels or custom designed for unique wire or applications, Tri-Star is the leading manufacturer of crimp contacts for the Mil-Aero industry.

  • custom gold-plated contact.

    Custom Designed Contacts

    Special materials, designs or configurations of contacts - we can handle them all. Involve us with your design engineering team early so we can help you to develop the most economical contact for your particular application.

  • Printed Circuit Tail contacts

    PC Tail Contacts

    Tri-Star has designed and manufacturered thousands of Printed Circuit Tail contacts for all of the major connector families.

  • solder cup and wire wrap contacts

    Solder Cup & Wire Wrap Contacts

    We provide both. Whether you are prototyping or wiring up a test application, we can provide you with the solder cup or wire wrap contacts you need.

  • Thermocouple Contacts

    Thermocouple Contacts

    At 36,000 feet on a 70,000 lb thrust jet engine or miles down an oil exploration hole, our thermocouple contacts can take the punishment.