• ul wire

    Commercial UL/CSA Wire

    UL and CSA Approved wire and cable products have been tested to Underwriters Laboratories and/or the Canadian Standards Association safety standards. In many cases, a single part number may meet several UL or CSA standards. Examine...

  • Heatless Crimp Splices

    Our Heatless Crimp Splices are manufactured to give you high quality performance in the harshest operating environments, while reducing downtime with quick and easy installation with its positive locking insulator assembly.
  • A thumbnail image showing two various types of Thermocouple Cables.

    Thermocouple Cables

    A broad range of thermocouple cable types, specifically designed for accurate measurement and control in a variety of applications, particularly suitable for hazardous environments. Typical applications include connecting sensors to...

  • A thumbnail image showing the various sizes and colors of Zyrad wiring.

    Zyrad™ and Trakrad™ Wire

    Modified polyolefin insulations, cross linked by electron beam, ZYRAD™ and TRAKRAD™ cables provide excellent resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage and have good flame retardant properties. Typical applications include motors and...